Innovative Tools for Electrical System Security within Large Areas

Open Source code of the iTesla platform available on Github

Download the validation handbook describing the commands made available and the validation method, and visit the iPST project web page.


The iTesla project aimed at improving network operations with a new security assessment tool able to cope with increasingly uncertain operating conditions and take advantage of the growing flexibility of the grid.
The tool developed aims at helping the operator assess network security in real time and ease his/her decision making. The prototype is designed for network operation from two-days ahead up to real time, and from single TSO level to coordinated regional or pan European level.

Security assessment is performed:

  • according to the probability and potential impact of the various contingencies (risk-based approach),
  • taking into account the different sources of uncertainties (loads, Renewable Energy Sources),
  • In real time (online), relying on prior (offline) security analysis taking dynamic phenomena into account.

The tool provides operators with relevant evaluation of curative remedial actions so as to keep the system in a secure state.

iTesla was a collaborative R&D project co-funded by the EC 7th Framework Programme. Coordinated by RTE, it gathered 6 TSOs (Belgium, France, Greece, Norway, Portugal and Great Britain), a coordination center (CORESO) and a pool of 13 universities and R&D providers. The total budget amounted to 19.4 M€ with 13.2 M€ financing by the EC. The project, started in 2012 and was completed in March 2016.

Download the iTesla project results brochure.