iTESLA: Innovative Tools for Electrical System Security within Large Areas

Project highlights:


iTesla, a collaborative R&D project co-funded by the European Commission (7th Framework Programme)

Pan-European transmission system security issues are likely to become more and more challenging in the coming years due to:

  • the growing contribution of less predictable and intermittent renewable energy sources,
  • the introduction of new controllable devices, 
  • a partially controllable electricity demand,
  • the increasing difficulty to build new overhead transmission lines,
  • the progressive construction of a single European electricity market.

The above mentioned constraints will result in more complex system operation, a grid working closer to its operational limits and therefore a need for a major revision of operational rules and procedures. As a consequence, coordinated operation initiatives have already emerged for different regions of the pan-European electricity transmission system (cf. CORESO and TSC). These coordination initiatives will not be fully efficient without a common toolbox, allowing the different TSOs to increase coordination and harmonize operating procedures.
The purpose of the iTESLA project is to develop such a toolbox which will support the future operation of the pan-European electricity transmission network. This toolbox shall bring forward a major innovation: carry out operational dynamic simulations in the frame of a full probabilistic approach, thus going further that the current “N-1” approach and optimizing the transit capacities of the grid at different spatial (national, regional, Pan-European) and time (two-days ahead, day-ahead, intra-day, real-time) scales.

The toolbox shall be available through a flexible IT platform which will allow TSOs to address single, regional or Pan-European network simulations of their own system, of coordinated regional systems or of the whole Pan-European system, provided that adequate system data are made available at the suitable level.

Coordinated by RTE, the iTESLA project gathers 6 TSOs (Belgium, France, Greece, Norway, Portugal and United Kingdom), CORESO and a pool of 13 R&D providers. The overall project costs reach 19.4M€, with a financial support from the European Commission that amounts to 13.2M€. iTESLA was launched in January 2012 and will run until end of 2015.