MSc Thesis

MSc Thesis 2015
Test Scenarios for Validation of the Offline Workflow of the iTesla Toolbox for Small-Signal Stability Assessment,
MSc Thesis 2014
VSC – HVDC Modelica Models for Power System Time Domain Simulation,
Md Jahidul Islam Razan, KTH
Modelica Driven Power System Modeling, Simulation and Validation,
Le Qi, KTH
Phasor Time-Domain Power System Modeling and Simulation using the Standardized Modelica Language: Conventional and Power Electronic-Based Devices
Mohammed Ahsan Adib Murad, KTH
MANGO Classes-Modelica Classes of the Norvegian Grid for iTesla and Software-to-Software Validation,
Mengija Zhang, KTH
MSc Thesis 2013
Modelica-Driven Power System Modeling, Parameter Identification and Physically-Based Model Aggregation,
Joan Russino Mussons, KTH