The project framework and ambitions

Pan-European transmission system security issues will become more and more challenging due to:

  • the growing contribution of renewable energy sources;
  • the introduction of new controllable devices;
  • a partially controllable electricity demand; the increasing difficulty to build new overhead transmission lines;
  • and the progressive construction of a single European electricity market.

This will result in more complex system operation, a grid working closer to its operational limits and therefore a need for a major revision of operational rules and procedures. Coordinated operation initiatives have already emerged for different regions of the pan-European transmission system (CORESO, TSC), but they require a new generation of tools allowing the different TSOs to increase coordination.
The iTESLA project is developing such a toolbox, which shall bring forward a major innovation: carry out operational dynamic simulations in the frame of a full probabilistic approach, thus optimizing the transit capacities of the grid at different spatial (national, regional, Pan-European) and time (two-day ahead, day-ahead, intra-day, real-time) scales.

                                                         Positioning of the iTesla toolbox:

                       Positionning Of I Tesla Tool

Our most challenging R&D objectives are:

  • To model an increasing amount of uncertainties in the decision process;
  • To perform an accurate security assessment taking into account system dynamics instead of static analysis;
  • To take into account adapted corrective and preventive actions in the decision process;
  • To handle a continuous multi-period optimization problem from 2 days ahead to real time under uncertainty.

The R&D work plan is detailed in this page.