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Generally Accepted Reliability Principle with Uncertainty modelling and through probabilistic Risk assessment
The GARPUR project designs, develops, assesses and evaluates new reliability criteria for transmission grids, based on a probabilistic approach. The project encompasses the 3 three key activities at different time scales (power system operation, asset management, system development). The socio-economic impact of moving away from the “N-1” approach by adopting the reliability criteria designed by the project will be measured with the help of a Quantification Platform. The new reliability criteria will be tested in close-to-real-life conditions. A roadmap for the deployment of the new reliability criteria at Pan-European level will be elaborated.

Pan European grid advanced simulation and state estimationThe project aims at improving the performance of various computational tools for transmission network management (state estimation, simplified time domain simulations, high fidelity time domain simulations) and to propose novel routes about the sharing of dynamic models. The project results have already brought several hints about the feasibility beyond 2015 of using operationally in-line simulations of the pan European network to deal with Pan-European Security Assessment.

Research methodologies and technologies for the effective development of pan-Eureopean key grid infrastructuresREALISEGRID develops a set of criteria, metrics, methods and tools to assess how the transmission infrastructure should be optimally developed to support the achievement of a reliable, competitive and sustainable electricity supply in the EU.

Transmitting windThis demonstration project addresses the integration of wind energy into the electricity grid. The objective is to significantly advance the development and implementation of new technologies, which allow the consolidation of wind power generation into the European electricity system. Six full scale demonstrations are implemented, aiming at proving the benefits of novel technologies, coupled with innovative system management approaches.

Innovative tools for the future coordinated and stable operation of the pan-European electricity transmission system.This starting project will develop a toolbox to support the grid security approach of transmission system operators. The approach will rely on the simulation of uncertainties related to market activities and renewable and the optimization of corrective actions on different timescales, and the development of risk based assessment concepts.

The GRID+ Project aims at designing a set of accompanying activities to make sure that the European Electricity Grids Initiative will pass through the critical 2012-2014 period. This involves preparation of the 8th Framework program of the EC, initial operation of the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER), and increased specification duties of the network operators.

The OPTIMATE project aims at developing a numerical test platform to analyse and to validate new market designs which may allow integrating massive flexible generation dispersed in several regional power markets. OPTIMATE will therefore contribute to the construction of a pan-European electricity market